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Greg Hanson has been in the solar business since 1973, the water treatment business since 1986 and blending solar energy and water treatment systems together since 1991. In 1981 he became a Nevada State Licensed General and Solar Contractor and installed over 600 closed-loop, solar hot water systems in Northern Nevada and designed and built some of the largest solar laundry mats in the western U.S. in the Navajo Nation in 1988. He has been designing and building solar homes for over 30 years incorporating active and passive solar designs and using solar hot water, solar radiant floor heating and PV power.

 Aqua Sun International was incorporated in 1993 and is committed to providing the most innovative Self Contained, Portable and Stationary Solar Powered & 12 Volt Water Purification Systems on the market today.

 Having been in the solar field since 1973, we know what works and what does not. We know which companies and products are here today, and will be here tomorrow. Greg Hanson President & CEO of Aqua Sun and the Aqua Sun team have over 80 years of combined solar designing experience. Some projects are that of joint designs with some of the most respected people in the solar energy field in the world today. We call this the Aqua Sun Design Group.  Aqua Sun's policy is not to represent any one company or product, but the best products and companies the solar field has to offer. This allows us to pick and choose the right products and people for the correct job and the best overall design and products to meet your specific needs. Aqua Sun supplies you, the end user with the most complete and reliable solar powered water purification system or solar product on the market today. You will not find a more well rounded and experienced solar company in the world that has the capabilities of supplying you with all of the information, engineering, designs and products than Aqua Sun International.  Aqua Sun's Design Group has worked with these people and companies for many years to promote solar energy as a viable renewable energy source that does work, and will last for many years to come.

 Aqua Sun has been building there systems since 1993 and they are placed in the U.S. Capitol Complex in Washington DC, the Royal Guard for the Queen of England, US Embassies, Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and deployed on the V-22 Osprey for the military. They are also in service with the FBI, United Nations, Red Cross, World Vision, UNICEF, National Geographic, Universities, Missionaries, Rotary International, U.S. Forest Service, and around the World. These systems are being utilized in numerous Disaster Relief locations such as for the Tsunami in South East Asia, flooding in Bolivia, the Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts, Haiti’s Earthquake of 2010 and many hospitals around the country.

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  • United Nations Aqua Sun is approved as a United Nations Supplier
  • World Vision News Aqua Sun assists World Vision with the 2007 floods in Bolivia
  • MSNBC News Aqua Sun colleague Leon McLaughlin was featured in an MSNBC news story about his time in Bolivia with the Aqua Sun systems.
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