Drinking Water Purification Systems | Military Per

Adventure Tours
Provide clean safe drinking water to your clients!

Backcountry Trips
Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water for this years backcountry trips from most any creek, stream, pond, well, lake or fresh water source.
Military Personnel and Their Families
Safe Drinking Water Essential for Military Personnel and Their Families

Missions and Relief Agencies
The people you send to remote areas all over the world are at risk! And the people you are trying to help, are dying from diseases that can be prevented.

Remote Villages and Towns
Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water for Small Villages and Towns Program

Travel Agencies
Aqua Sun Traveling Water Purification Systems designed specifically for the travel industry


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  • Department of Defense The US ARMY  begins "Operation Aqua Sun" with the Outpost S
  • United Nations Aqua Sun is approved as a United Nations Supplier
  • World Vision News Aqua Sun assists World Vision with the 2007 floods in Bolivia
  • MSNBC News Aqua Sun colleague Leon McLaughlin was featured in an MSNBC news story about his time in Bolivia with the Aqua Sun systems.
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