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Emergency Relief Water Treatment Systems for most type of Disaster most anywhere in the World.


Aqua Sun International has been supplying Solar Powered Water Treatment Systems to disasters world wide since 1997 with systems being used:

  • In Poland during the massive flooding, supplied by Catholic Relief Services
  • During the huge Hurricane Hugo in Central America where Missionaries and Relief Services took our systems in to help with the local population.
  • The 2005 Tsunami in Indonesia where the UN and UNICEF, the Red Cross, Missionaries and Relief Services used our many different systems in most locations damaged.
  • After the Tsunami Rotary International rebuild 30 schools using our SWP-S3 System to supply drinking water to the kids as well as container to take back home after each day at school.
  • Hurricane Katrina with more relief workers and church groups.
  • Flooding in Bolivia in the spring of 2007 with our systems going in with World Vision.

Systems we reccommend for this application:





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  • Department of Defense The US ARMY  begins "Operation Aqua Sun" with the Outpost S
  • United Nations Aqua Sun is approved as a United Nations Supplier
  • World Vision News Aqua Sun assists World Vision with the 2007 floods in Bolivia
  • MSNBC News Aqua Sun colleague Leon McLaughlin was featured in an MSNBC news story about his time in Bolivia with the Aqua Sun systems.
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