Military Troops

Aqua Sun provides Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water to Military Troops and Personal where Water Purification & Electrical Power are Impractical or Unattainable

All solar powered water treatment products are perfect for Federal, State and Local Government applications because of their unique solar powered flexibility and options. Whether it is for critical facilities readiness, international aid, military applications, emergency response, or anti-terrorism preparedness, Aqua Sun International can meet virtually any need. Because re-supply can be in question for many possible events, all civilian and military GSA purchases include a significant amount of replacement parts and filters with each order.

For military applications, all Aqua Sun International products have been manufactured to meet the highest of military standards:

  • With deployments worldwide and most recently in Afghanistan, Iraq and the V22 Osprey, Aqua Sun International’s experience is the first choice to turn to for solar water treatment system.
  • All units are made with military specifications in mind, such as NSF Approved Products , Solid Brass Fittings, No-flat tires, and other durability and low noise operation considerations.
  • Most importantly, all products are nearly 100% U.S. made, with all equipment manufactured and assembled in Minden, Nevada USA.
  • Any person wishing to purchase either the civilian or military versions of any Aqua Sun International products now has the appropriate means for easily procurement.
  • Additionally, most Aqua Sun International products have been added to GSA Advantage for even easier processing.


Systems produce 3.7 liters / 1 gallon per minute, 370 liters /100 gallons per day or more using a carbon filtration system and an ultraviolet light disinfection process to produce cleaner and safer drinking water from most fresh water sources.

Larger systems from 55 liters / 15 gallons per minute up to 55.000 liters / 15,000 gallons per day are available in many different sizes from stationary to trailer mount systems.

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