Stories from Haiti

 Aqua Sun Responder S in Haiti

Stories are one of our favorite parts about doing what we do. And after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti in January, and we sent systems down with various relief agencies and churches, we started getting stories back about how much help our systems were, namely the RESPONDER S.

Singers Binki Shapiro and Sia Furler put on some fundraisers ( to raise money for the relief effort in Haiti. They came to us with a need, and we were more than happy to help. here's what Binki had to say about the system.

"The Responder S systems was a huge hit! Apparently there is an island just off Haiti where people were stranded with no water and they weren't
sure how to solve this problem, as the water systems they had on the grounds (in Port au Prince, Haiti) all needed a generator to run and it wasn't possible for them to reach the island. However, that problem was solved when the Aqua Sun system showed up".

Binki Shapiro

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