Solar Water Pumping Systems

Solar Powered Deep Well and Surface Mount Water Pumping Systems


Solar water pumps are specially designed to utilize DC electric power from photovoltaic panels. They must work during low light conditions at reduced power, without stalling or overheating.

Low volume pumps use positive displacement (volumetric) mechanisms which seal water in cavities and force it upward. Lift capacity is maintained even while pumping slowly. These mechanisms include diaphragm, vane and piston pumps. These differ from a conventional centrifugal pump that needs to spin fast to work efficiently. Centrifugal pumps are used where higher volumes are required.

The Liftmaster™


The LiftMaster™ is a family of solar powered submersible and surface pumps designed to provide both deep well and shallow water capabilities where stable electric power is unavailable.

These photovoltaic, solar powered water pumping systems can pump water from wells as deep as 200 meters / 600 feet using just 4 solar panels, or draw water from a shallow well, spring, pond, river, lake, or collected surface water, and push it up hill over long distances to a water holding tank.

The DC water pumps can be solar direct drive or battery driven for the ultimate in water volume control.

The LiftMaster™ pumps are designed to operate with all other Aqua Sun™ systems such as the Villager

solar powered pumping station for rural areas with wells and power challenges
submersible and surface mount models to lift water from deep sources
ideal for villages and areas with sustainable deep wells, the best option for the cleanest and most stable water supply
perfect for pushing water over long distances and up hills to holding tanks
standard systems available for up to 600’ (180 m) deep wells
pumps up to 2000 gallons (7600 L) per day from a 100’ (30 m) well
uses just four solar panels, requiring little space, or can be battery driven
larger systems are available
most submersible deep well water systems will fit in standard well casings at least 4” (100 mm) diameter
no extensive electrical knowledge required (familiar wiring methods)
can be installed similarly to a conventional AC submersible pump and lowered into the well by hand

Solar Powered Non-Submersible Surface Pump
Well System for Remote Applications

solar_3Systems range from 30 meters (98 feet) in vertical lift to 99,990 liters (27,000 gallons) per day. These can be solar direct as shown below, or battery driven for the ultimate in water volume control.

U.S. Gallons Per Day (GPD) and Maximum
Gallons Per Minute (MGPM)
Based on Standard Solar Day of 6 KWH/Sq. M.

How to use the chart: When the depth To Water and Total Lift (Head) is known, select the column closest to the lift required.

Select the Gallons Per Day closest to the amount needed by moving down the selected lift column to find the best pump. Move horizontally to the left to find the quantity of 53-Watt Modules required.

Note: G.P.D. are based on a good Solar Day of 6 KWH/Sq. Meter (Sun Intensity). Your pumping output will vary depending on the actual modules used, tilt angle and seasonal weather conditions as found in your geographical area.

Total Vertical Lift in Meters (Feet)

Quantity 53 Watt PV Modules Aver. Sys. Watts 60
Meters (197 feet)
Meters (230 feet)
Meters (282 feet)
Meters (295 feet)
100 Meters (328 feet) 120 Meters (394 feet) 130
Meters (426 feet)
12 4 Series x 3 Parallel 505 385 GPD 2.5 MGPM (1) 540 GPD 1.7 MGPM (4) 270 GPD 1.1 MGPM (4)
15 5 Series x 3 Parallel 630 1650 GPD 5.1 MGPM (2) 1035 GPD 3.0 MGPM (4) 710 GPD 2.2 MGPM (4) 480 GPD 1.7 MGPM (4)
16 4 Series x 4 Parallel 675 1975 GPD 5.7 MGPM (2) 1210 GPD 3.2 MGPM (4) 850 GPD 2.5 MGPM (4) 635 GPD 2.0 MGPM (4)
20 5 Series x 4 Parallel 840 3170 GPD 7.5 MGPM (2) 2240 GPD 6.2 MGPM (2) 1460 GPD 4.5 MGPM (2) 1150 GPD 3.2 MGPM (4) 880 GPD 2.6 MGPM (4) 380 GPD 1.4 MGPM (4)
25 5 Series x 5 Parallel 1050 4240 GPD 9.5 MGPM (2) 3390 GPD 8 MGPM (2) 2490 GPD 6.5 MGPM (2) 1760 GPD 5.0 MGPM (2) 1420 GPD 3.6 MGPM (4) 885 GPD 2.5 MGPM (4) 670 GPD 2.0 MGPM (4)
30 5 Series x 6 Parallel 1260 5720 GPD 15 MGPM (3) 4250 GPD 9.5 MGPM (2) 3410 GPD 8.3 MGPM (2) 2770 GPD 7.2 MGPM (2) 2110 GPD 6.0 MGPM (2) 1310 GPD 3.3 MGPM (4) 1100 GPD 3.0 MGPM (4)

Pump Models:

  • (1) - 211020CJ
  • (2) - 211012DK
  • (3) - 211009CP
  • (4) - 211020DJ

Conversion Factors:

Meters to Feet - Multiply Meters by 3.28
U.S. G.P.D. to Cubic Meters Per Day - Divide G.P.D. by 264.2
Feet of Lift to PSIG - Divide feet by 2.31

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